Reaching out to those who grieve

Meet Jennifer

I am a professional artist, award-winning writer and author of Star Child: A Mother’s Journey Through Grief. My essays have appeared in Grief Digest and Living With Loss magazines. I maintain a working art studio in San Antonio, Texas. I am a member of the San Antonio Art League and The Writer’s League of Texas.

Through my own personal journey, I have found expressive arts to be a healing pathway. Initially, this came in the form of writing and has expanded to include photography and collage.

I have studied at the Southwest School of Art, Gemini Ink, and The Longridge Writer’s Group. My work is currently carried in galleries and boutiques in Texas. I live in San Antonio, Texas, with my husband John.

Wings: Jennifer's Blog

A Place Called Grace

The pneumatic doors of the hospital emergency entrance opened to the touch of my feet. It was February 5, 1991, a Tuesday. Kelly, the essence of my life and only child, had been pronounced dead at 3:26 p.m.

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