“This book is a must-read for anyone who has lost a child of any age. The author writes about the loss of her son and her journey of grief. Martin writes so beautifully and passionately that I could actually feel her pain. She expresses her deep loss and the realization that part of her is gone forever and all her hopes and dreams for her son will never come to fruition. Martin expresses how hard certain days are—such as her son’s birthday, her birthday, Mother’s Day, and Christmas—and how great anxiety builds as each of those days gets closer.


You will truly be engaged as you feel the emotional despair she experienced during her journey. She expresses how we all react differently to grief, and yet how we also all experience the different stages of grief. The book has touching stories, along with fabulous quotes that can offer comfort when the grief seems overwhelming. The one-page entries make it really easy to find a story that fits your exact moment of grief, offering comforting words to help you make it through that difficult time. I highly recommend this book to anyone grieving the loss of a child.”